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It’s not to early to 🎊BOOK YOUR PARTY 🎊 at The Art Jam. If your looking for a unique idea for your Office Party, Holiday Party, Birthday Party, Team Building Party, or Just Because, let us help you out! All Ages Welcome!  🎨

Parties can be scheduled Wednesday - Sunday according to availability.

You can have up to 25 painters, and you'll have the space for 2 hours. Most classes and design choices are done in 1.5 hours. Decorations and refreshments are encouraged, but please no confetti or latex balloons.

Prices are per person, according to your desired class type.




Please choose your class style below:

*Open Studio

Only available on-site. Painters may choose their own design. The instructor guides each individual separately.

*Single Choice 

All painters will start with the same design.

Example: The unicorn design is chosen. Everyone receives a canvas with the unicorn design sketched. Everyone can choose their colors, design the hair, turn it into a regular horse, etc.

(2nd design may be added for just $2 more per painter.)

*Easy Paint

Ages 5 and under. Painters receive 3 colors and a blank canvas. Instructor

offers guidance and can do finishing touches.

Optional: Instructor can add names or simple drawings on top of the abstract design. 


Painters will create abstract art with the guidance of the instructor. Utilize your hands, unique brushes and tools, and make a beautiful mess! The Instructor will be available for finishing touches and advice along the way. 

Pricing is per person, according to your desired class type


8x10in canvas:
(Recommended ages under 10)

Open Studio - $21.97

Single - $16.48

Under 5/Toddler Paint - $10.98 

SplatterDay - $10.98


12x12/11x14in canvas:
(All Ages)

Open Studio - $27.46

Single - $21.97

SplatterDay - $16.46


16x20in canvas:
(All Ages/Adult)

Open Studio - $38.45

Single - $32.96
SplatterDay - $21.97


Our Design gallery is under construction! Please contact us for a private link to our seasonal selections, or browse our Facebook page for inspiration.

Off-Site parties welcome! Contact us directly for details!

Don't feel like painting? We also offer crafting and drawing parties! Ask for a quote.



Ready to book your party?
call or text: 931 954 2787


Message us on Facebook

Book your party now!

Still have questions?

Call or Text anytime:
931 954 2787

Not all dates and times are available. We will contact you with options asap!

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